The tech talents at PG SOFT™ are convinced that technology innovation is paramount to the creation of diversified and revolutionary mobile entertainment solutions. It is now proud to announce the official launch of Smartbot automation in Asia, a proprietary technology guaranteed to provide quality gaming experience and service to players worldwide!

Apart from working tirelessly to explore the application of artificial intelligence, PG SOFT™ professional team also takes pride in its complex technical framework which serves as the pillar of its games. The newly launched Smartbot automation allows players to perform other tasks or switch in between apps while keeping the game running in the background simultaneously, ensuring smooth transition between games and other tasks.

Through PG SOFT™ Smartbot automation, players will also be able to adjust various settings such as amount, duration and suspension according to their preference. The Auto-disconnect/suspension feature allows users to manage their win and loss with minimum supervision.

In other words, the powerful SmartBot automation gives a hand (literally!) to everyone who wants to play and work at the same time, making the seemingly impossible dream of work-life balance possible at last. Also, this unsurpassed technology sure comes in handy for players who want to strengthen the hands of their love lives, as it allows them to dine and dance with their loved ones while gaming at the same time!

So what are you waiting for? Experience the marvelous SmartBot automation first-hand now!