Soccer fans, rejoice! PG SOFT™’s first ever sports themed game ‘Shaolin Soccer’ has arrived! This game was inspired by the Chinese movie of the same name, with the story revolving around a group of dispirited martial arts youngsters that created ‘Shaolin Team’, a soccer team that perfectly combines Kung Fu and soccer.

The forward “Mightly Steel Leg”, the goalkeeper “Lightning Ghost Hands”, the header “Iron Head”, and the winger “Weightless”, brings you alongside their journey to compete in the National Championship. Utilizing their amazing Kung Fu skills, they aim to win the Championship title! The game combines sports and Kung Fu to bring you an unprecedented gaming experience like never before!

‘Shaolin Soccer’ is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot featuring symbol transformations and 5 symbol choices in the Free Spins Feature. Transform all player symbols into the same player symbol in the Player Transformation Feature when 4 identical player symbols appear on the third reel. In addition, select your favourite player out of the 5 player symbols to play in the Free Spins Feature for free spins!

“You are no different than a salted fish if you have no dreams.” Come and join the “Shaolin Team” to experience the Shaolin soccer dream with the most passionate players!

This game platform supports iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Web HTML5.