PG SOFT™’s exquisite game visuals, with multi-element game mechanics, makes us stand out from the rest! Our main objective has always been to provide high quality online entertainment products and services to all our players globally. Following the latest market trends, the team is focused on not only developing the game, but also the demands of our clients from all walks of life! Using high end technology, they were able to develop various functions that meets the needs of all kinds of different users!

PG SOFT ™ has announced the launch of the “landscape version” of the “Leprechaun Riches” game. This landscape version will only be triggered on the PC, allowing users to freely switch between landscape and portrait screens based on their window size. This function also allows users to enjoy an even better immersive gaming experience!

Now equipped with the landscape screen version, we will be able to provide users with different types of content layouts, a re-layout in a larger screen space, as well as providing higher quality game definition that are more in line with the desktop user habits, allowing users to enjoy the game even better! Using a landscape screen will also increase a user’s visual experience, as it brings the user into a grander sense of the game setting, allowing them to enjoy a wonderfully immersive pleasure during the game!

Following the hectic lifestyle, along with the movement of mobile offices, people are no longer just using their mobile phones, tablets or desktops independently, but a combination of all three devices! It is with that in mind that PG SOFT™ developed the portrait and landscape screens for comfortability and flexibility in the interface, allowing more innovation in the mobile game industry.