PG SOFT™ has joined the NFT craze by starting our NFT collection with a highly priced character from the NFT collection "Bored Ape Yacht Club" (BAYC) – Bored Ape #3258!      

The creative origins of the "Bored Ape" NFT are about the imagination of freedom of wealth, consisting of 10,000 apes with different characteristics and attributes. The collection has 7 traits, namely background, clothes, earrings, eyes, fur, headwear, and mouth, that are randomly assigned to make each "Bored Ape" unique.

The "#3258" NFT caught the PG SOFT™ team's eye within the collection for its horizontal striped shirt and a black hat, which not only look very cool, but is also unique because only 2% in the “Bored Ape” collection has these traits! We will be using the NFT’s commercial rights to create other digital works, and have plans to develop a highly anticipated game for our players with the "#3258" NFT as well!

PG SOFT™ has always strived for breakthroughs and inspirations in our high quality and stable works, and is committed to creating the extraordinary! Ideas sparked by art will create masterpieces, and our game will surely be the same! PG SOFT™ will showcase our approach of keeping up with the times in our game products!